Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review for Seven Pounds w/ Will Smith

So essentially Will Smith plays an IRS agent who tries to redeem an unforgivable mistake he made in the past by helping seven people. We know neither the mistake nor the reason these particular people are chosen, but his plan changes when he falls for an ailing woman.

At the beginning it gives the plot but not how he got to that decision. In the middle of the movie you realize what seven pounds means, this movie is slow beginning, slow going and slow ending. He lost alot of weight for this movie as to appear he hasnt taken care of himself. He has a strange almost constipated look on his face the entire movie and they only mildly go into one of the other people's stories and neglect the rest of them.

It was a bad way around what apparently is considered a love story. I'm not saying its a bad movie I am saying I would wait till its out at Redbox!

One interesting fact however is the fact that Tom Cruise's son Conner plays the small part of Smith as a young child.

I give this movie a B-

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