Friday, February 6, 2009

Hatred is not tolerated here!

I can’t believe the pure hatred right here in Oklahoma!

I must say I have never been so astonished by the unabashed hatred I see coming from my fellow Oklahomans. I am a democrat, a free thinker, a flaming liberal and a lover of all people…, straight, red, white and yellow.

This states policiticians seem to be the most reverent haters in the area. Between the Sally Kern’s of the world with their hate spewed speeches which preach all people are not equal and gays are trying to take over the world as the superior lifestyle to the closet policiticians that secretly stay behind the scenes and pass laws and change policies that take away people’s basic rights….where is this world coming to?

Everyone who lives in this state is aware that Sally Kern’s son is gay! He lives a gay lifestyle but yet according to his mom he is not and is celibate. How can a person continue to have a productive life and know who he is when his mother openly hates the life he chooses and hates people of that lifestyle?

Per Sally Kern
"I did talk about what I believe...scientific evidence, health evidence...proves that the homosexual lifestyle is a dangerous lifestyle. And, yes, I did compare it to being more dangerous than terrorism. And my point in doing that, gentlemen, was this: Everybody knows terrorism destroys and tears down, and that was the only analogy I was making is that the homosexual agenda, this lifestyle which is so destructive to individuals, is at the heart trying to tear down what is the bedrock foundation of our society, which is the family and traditional marriage."

Would you want this person to be your mother??? HELL NO

We have business owners unwilling to open their business’s to gays because they dislike their lifestyle. State representatives openly bashing gays, STATE REPRESENTATIVES---they need to speak for all people not half the majority. Now we have the John Birch Society and their thoughts about the fact that gays are communist and trying to push their agenda on everyone and take over the world?

I honestly don’t care who disagrees with me, when I read the article in the Oklahoma Gazette that came out this week I was sickened past the point of no return. I have heard enough about gay and lesbian rights….This simple fact of the matter is if they had the same rights are we did there would be no discussion and it would not be up to debate.

There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, I see no separation here. There should be no legislation and no laws governing against homosexuals. This is a clear violation of a person’s basic rights to me. I am officially sickened to live in a state in which it has clearly reverted back to the days where blacks are not free and are slaves to whites only this time we have made it gays and lesbians in their place.

I have never taken a stand in this area before or been vocal about the plight of homosexuals being a straight person myself, however with knowing several of my friends struggles and seeing how openly their rights are violated I will stand up for their rights and their freedom by going to demonstrations and speaking out against the injustice and blunt hatred that seems to be going on around me!