Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review for Bedtime Stories w/ Adam Sandler

So the basic plot is about a hotel handyman (Sandler) whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true.

If you have seen an Adam Sandler movie it has all the usual suspects. My biggest surprise of the movie was Russell Brand who is possibly by my opinion one of the best british comics besides Izzard. In my opinion the gerbil Bugsy made the movie...suppose all movies have to turn to cute little fuzzy animals to get the laughs!...hammy, the hamster in bolt and now Bugsy.

Great kids movie for the holidays...cute kids movie period. I'm guessing he made this for his kids and that reason alone. Or perhaps because the regular actors in all his movies are not getting work elsewhere...either way if you liked Click then you will like this. B

Review for Seven Pounds w/ Will Smith

So essentially Will Smith plays an IRS agent who tries to redeem an unforgivable mistake he made in the past by helping seven people. We know neither the mistake nor the reason these particular people are chosen, but his plan changes when he falls for an ailing woman.

At the beginning it gives the plot but not how he got to that decision. In the middle of the movie you realize what seven pounds means, this movie is slow beginning, slow going and slow ending. He lost alot of weight for this movie as to appear he hasnt taken care of himself. He has a strange almost constipated look on his face the entire movie and they only mildly go into one of the other people's stories and neglect the rest of them.

It was a bad way around what apparently is considered a love story. I'm not saying its a bad movie I am saying I would wait till its out at Redbox!

One interesting fact however is the fact that Tom Cruise's son Conner plays the small part of Smith as a young child.

I give this movie a B-

Friday, December 12, 2008

Review for The Day the Earth Stood Still

Umm what to say about this movie? I would say it was two hours worth of disappointment and I am glad I got a sneak preview pass. Keanu Reeves was of course the lead actor for this movie. I love Keanu but he is typecast in movies for a reason. Im not sure whether he should curse the matrix or not but his souless blank stare never goes away and his character can be closely referred to as a spinoff from Neo in the Matrix.

Whether it be a chick flick or a sci fi movie his expression never changes and his acting skills stay the same. I do like Keanu but this movie was a big disappointment. It was more a message movie than anything, we are all killing the earth and we will exterminate you, much like The Happening. Plants are killing us because we are killing them. The environment is important and I agree that we are way to greedy and our greed is catching up with us but big blockbuster? I think not! I give it a C-

Let me however say that the previews were better than the movie! If you want to see the Wolverine preview this is apparently the only movie you will see it in till Feb of next yr! Super stoked about that one!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review For Milk w/ Sean Penn

First let me say for a liberal democrat I was extremely impressed with the turnout for this movie. Jim Roth and the entire board of the Cimaron Alliance was in attendance for this sneak preview. Huge turnout and support for the gay community. This was the first time in history as well that every county in our state went red. Since I voted for Obama I will not make any more comments on the voting ways of my state except to say my home state of Michigan knew the right way to vote (even if all my family is republicans.)

At any rate this movie was about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to take a public office and fight for gay rights for everyone. The movie itself was very good, and I would have to say that Sean Penn, James Franco and Diego Luna are extremely and I mean extremely comfortable with their sexuality. This was not a movie for the faint of heart, there was strong male nudity in this movie but it also opened up your eyes to the struggles of the gay community. I am a big supporter of the gay community and always have been, I would liken what they had to go through back in the day to that of the civil rights movement. Blacks were persecuted because they were black and gays were persecuted because they were gay.

I am truely saddened by the senseless loss of this great man and how his death happened and the blatant disregard for the law for his killer in that time. I only hope that should that happen now that I could say times would change and a maximum sentence would be brought against the killer.

I give the movie an A++ and I agree, Sean Penn definitely deserves Oscar consideration. Trust me. Coming from me thats one hell of a compliment as big of a critic as I am.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

So I got a sneak preview pass with Paramount to go to this movie last night. First of all I love Brad Pitt, I think he looked the best in Troy and Meet Joe Black so watching him as an old man was really going to be interesting.

This movie was definitely that. It was SOOOOOOO LOOOOOOONG! This was a 2hr and 45 minute movie that dragged and dragged and dragged. Don't get me wrong, it was still a good movie but it was kinda like the changling which Angelina was in. It was long and drawm out and could have used a little speeding up.

I would reccomend that you see it but if you cant sit still in the horrible theatre seating for that long wait for the DVD!