Friday, December 12, 2008

Review for The Day the Earth Stood Still

Umm what to say about this movie? I would say it was two hours worth of disappointment and I am glad I got a sneak preview pass. Keanu Reeves was of course the lead actor for this movie. I love Keanu but he is typecast in movies for a reason. Im not sure whether he should curse the matrix or not but his souless blank stare never goes away and his character can be closely referred to as a spinoff from Neo in the Matrix.

Whether it be a chick flick or a sci fi movie his expression never changes and his acting skills stay the same. I do like Keanu but this movie was a big disappointment. It was more a message movie than anything, we are all killing the earth and we will exterminate you, much like The Happening. Plants are killing us because we are killing them. The environment is important and I agree that we are way to greedy and our greed is catching up with us but big blockbuster? I think not! I give it a C-

Let me however say that the previews were better than the movie! If you want to see the Wolverine preview this is apparently the only movie you will see it in till Feb of next yr! Super stoked about that one!

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Jess said...

WOW thanks for the review.. B.c I was wanting to see it b.c I enjoy watching Keanu as well but I'll wait til DVD.