Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first OKC Thunder Game!

Ok so I really went because I wanted to see Shaq. I'm not a big basketball person but when you have a chance to see the big guys then of course your gonna go! Going to see Yao Ming in January to.

Now first I do have to give "props" to my city for obtaining an NBA team but goodness I see how they got it. It is apparently one of the worst in the league and though I seen alot of high school moves out there tonight but all in all it was a good game. We lost by one point against the Suns. Maybe with more practice or the owner spending a couple million more for good players we will evemtually be the best!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Go volunteer at your local animal shelter!

Another part of the busy weekend for my sorority sisters. I volunteer on a regular basis but this weekend was time to have the sisters come out and see what I do. Boy what fun it was with all of us out there. We walked the dogs and they got the walks they so desperately wanted. If you have ever thought of volunteering I urge you to do so! If you are looking for a thank you then you will see it in the wagging tails of the dogs you show your love to~

If you cant donate time donate food, beds, blankets or money to your local shelter!

Nu Omega and Oxfam team up to help climate change!

Wow, what a great weekend I had everyone! My sisters and I went to a Coldplay concert for free and we supported a good cause by doing so. I found an article on Craigslist for OKC that posted a volunteer effort for Oxfam. We are always doing service activites so why not.

Three hours into getting people to sign up for their newsletter and we were exhausted! Anyone who wants to know more about oxfam please visit


Anyone wanting to know more about my sorority please go to


Friday, November 14, 2008

A little about myself!

I am part of an woman's sorority call Beta Sigma Phi, Nu Omega chapter out of OKC. I am treasurer this year and will be president next year so I am just looking to spread the word. We need members in the area. If you would be interested please go to the website below.