Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knowing! Movie Review

Wow! Nicolas Cage does not disappoint! This movie is an action packed 2 1/2 hour thriller and end of the world adventure. I find it hard to sit in the theatre for that long watching a movie without looking at my watch and squirming the whole time (I did that in Watchmen! HORRIBLE MOVIE!!) but I just breezed right through this.

I wont give out any spoilers except to say the only disappointment on this movie was the last ten seconds. Essentially for all that dont know this is about something or someone apparently being after Nicolas Cage's son and whispering all the tragedy's that have befallen and are about to befall our world. I am an avid disaster movie fan and I must say I was impressed!

So go see it, dont take the kids cause it can be scary for anyone under 10. I say this simply because the children crying during the movie, didnt realize it was a kids movie, I certainly wouldnt let my 9 year old see it! Have a date night or just go see it on your own...its worth it!

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